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here is the reminder of the story....ok..there is this guy..he is 17 years older than me..recenlty divorced..has two kids..i know him from work- spent 7 weeks working him him- left work- then saw him ocassionally..but everytime he sees me, ma friend says he smiles like he has found a treasure..wheneva he sees me,he always hugs me and gives me a kiss on ma cheek..whenever he talks to me..he will either put his hand on ma back,,or touch ma arm..whenever we are walking , he will try and stay close to me..also whenever his talking to me- he will usually look at me- wont look elsewhere..what i dont know is..whether he likes me..o is he just flirty (because he is reasonably flirty with other females aswell- but not so much the touchy bits)..his trying to get over the divorce??..on two or three occasions he has also jokingly said he loves me..also..i have a partner- and just the other day (i hadnt seen this guy for 6 months)..the first thing he noticed was ma ring..what in the world is going thru his head??..HELP!!

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Q: What in the world is going through his head?
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