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Addison's disease

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Q: What illness makes you look healthy and tanned by bronzing the face and hands?
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Does putting your hands in your mouth increase your risk of illness?

Yes, putting hands in your mouth can increase a persons risk of illness. A person can have germs on their hands that can a person to become ill.

How do you remove tan I am fair and my hands have tanned massively due to sun exposure is there a Home Remedy?

not really, try researching brighteners or bleachers on google

Facial features of Italian?

- Dark, arch-shaped eyebrows. - Fairly large nose - Dark eyes - Dark/curly hair - Short - Shapely calves - Tanned skin - Small hands - Talk with hands

Why is washing your hands after using the restroom important?

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent illness. If you do not wash your hands after you blow your nose or cough, the germs will spread to what ever you touch. Example: You have a cold and cough into your hands at school. your best friend needs to borrow the pencil you just infected. She gets the illness on her hands, then rubs his/her eye. oops, you just gave your best friend the cold virus. lol. please wash your hands after you use the bathroom, cough, sneeze, or anything else. Washing your hands for 15-20 seconds, or singing the Happy Birthday song is the most effective. Hand Sanitizer works well as a substitute, though not as good.

What causes sticky hands when wet?

mold illness or exposure to toxic mold spores will cause hands to go sticky.

What is a good slogan for washing your hands?

"Clean hands, healthy life."

How did John Rolfe died?

either he died at the hands of Indians or he died of an illness. (Wikipedia)

What are examples of preventing illness?

washing hands cleaning surfaces vaccination preventative medicines

How do you keep your hair healthy?

you can get your hands wet and put conditioner on them then rub it on your hair it will keep your hair healthy.

Is touching you snot and spots and not washing hands dirty?

Yes, and likely to spread germs and illness.

Can your palm tan?

No, when you lie down in the hot sun with your hands facing up they don't get tanned but the rest of your arm does. Haven't you noticed that dark skinned people have pale palms, if your palms tanned then dark skinned people would also have dark palms wouldn't they? So, no i don't think you can unless you use fake tan!

Why should you wash your hands frequently?

So you can stay healthy and clean :)