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you ask them nicely to back off

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Q: What if your roommates and friends are ruining your relationship?
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Is Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne roommates?

no there just friends

What is that recent movie with the two roommates that decide to be friends with benefits but end up falling in love?

"Friends with Benefits" (2011).

Is john cena and Randy Orton best friends?

Yes they really are they where roommates in the ovw.

Name something that spouses fight about that other roommates dont?

Finances Their Relationship Parenting Meals

Can two 16-year-old friends live by themselves as roommates legally without any adult in Florida?


Who do people in Spain live with?

People in Spain, like any other country, live with their families, friends, roommates, and colleagues.

What do you do if you are friends with a guy but you like him and he seems to show some interest but you are scared of ruining the friendship?

Go for it

Where do you find out about roommates who are looking for roommates?

There are several ways to find roommates, online or offline. You can ask your friends or co-workers if they know anyone looking for roommates. Online there are several social media sites you can use, or a dedicated roommate finder. I recommend Diggz, which let's you find roommates that would be a good fit. You can review their habits and lifestyle, see photos (if they are offering a room) and message those that you like. You can partner up with someone and find a place together, rent a room and even find an apartment on Diggz.

Best friends how close friends do you have to be to be in a relationship?

you dont even have to be friends with the person to be in a relationship with them :) hope this helps :)

Are Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies roommates?

Not exactly sure but according to Wikipedia Liz Gillies was born on July 26, 1993 and Ariana Grande's birthday is June 26, 1993, so no, they are a month apart.

What if you like a guy and he likes you but your friends who are trying to be helpful are ruining it How do you fix it?

you would ask him if he wants to have sex with you

How do you break up with your boyfriend without ruining your friendship?

It is best to move on when you break up with a boyfriend. It's seldom both can remain friends because one is always in love with the other. 'Ex' means just that ... no longer having a relationship with this person!