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Then you are a very lucky person

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Q: What if your partner could only fall deeper in love with you over time?
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How can you make your friends fall in love with your friends?

you can't make someone fall in love, they will fall in love when they see there is feelings for each other and deeper thoughts.

How can you love a lesbian when you are already married?

You could just be friends with this Lesbian for a while and then she may fall for you, not her current sexual partner.

Does Samurai Deeper Kyo fall in Love with Yuya?

Yes, Cause he the best there is.

Is fall in love when get breathing heavily?

Nope. That is infatuation. Love is deeper than the physical "symptoms" you may feel.

If you could cheat and get away with it would you?

No. Cheating is selfish; hurtful and deceitful. If you love someone you do not cheat on them. If you fall out of love then one should have the guts to face their partner and tell them to their face.

If love is the answer could you rephrase love?

being there for your partner unconditionally!!

When was I Could Fall in Love created?

I Could Fall in Love was created on 1995-05-17.

When was I Could Fall in Love with You created?

I Could Fall in Love with You was created on 2007-04-02.

When was If I Could Fall in Love created?

If I Could Fall in Love was created on 2002-07-30.

Selena song i could fall in love with you?

Yes Selena sang I could fall in love with you.

Does leon s Kennedy fall in love Angela?

No, Leon does not fall in love with Angela. In the movie, she was nothing more than a partner to him. Plus, she's UGLY AS HELL!

How do you fall in love again can it happened?

i do not know if you can fall in love again but it could happen?