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she is cheating on you.

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2008-12-25 20:50:34
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Q: What if your girlfriend is treating you right?
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Is your girlfriend good for you?

It depends if their treating you right. If their rude to you constantly you might want to either talk about it or end it.You have to be emotionally ready for a girlfriend pick carefully.

Why does your body want to cheat while your heart says DON'T?

sometimes because the relationship your in is'nt going right or your bohyfriend or girlfriend is not treating you right

How do you tell if a teenage boy loves his girlfriend?

well the way he is treating her

How can you tell if your girlfriend is using you?

probably if she isn't treating you as well as you are treating well. she also may not be very interested in the things you have to say.

How can you tell if my girlfriend is treating me bad?

The fact Is then ur a push over Idiot

What is a sentence for the word treating?

after having surgery, the nurses had to keep treating me the right way

What to do when your boyfriend is treating more like a friend then a girlfriend?

Have a serious chat with your boyfriend on the right spot and the right time. Discuss what kind of relationship you guys share now, and how you can make it better. If your boyfriend does not have bright solutions, then tell him what you really feel.

Does Josh Hutcherson have a girlfriend right now?

No he does not have a girlfriend right now but his most recent girlfriend was Vanessa Hudgens in 2011.

Does prodigy from mindless behavior have a girlfriend right now?

does prodigy have a girlfriend right now

How to get over someone who plays with me but has a gf?

You can get over someone who plays with you but has a girlfriend, by either warning him about it, or treating him as a friend.

Who is the song you belong with me about?

its about a girl who is explaining to a guy how she feels about him and how his girlfriend is treating him also how both girls differ

Who is ji Chang wook's girlfriend?

No girlfriend right now.

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