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Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.Then she start realizing that you lieing to her.

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Q: What if you keep telling your girlfriend that you will do something and end up lying to her?
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Why do man feel like cheating when they keep telling his girlfriend he loves her?

If a man has another girlfriend, he is already lying to his first girlfriend and he is most likely lying to his second girlfriend. The man does not care about or have respect either of them. This describes a narcissist. because they are evil

Do guys keep their promises especially when it is about marrying their girlfriend?

It depends on who the guy is, if he tells you the truth and you know that he is telling the truth and (if he agrees to do so) takes a lie detector test and isn't lying at all and is telling the truth 100% then yes he will keep his promise, even when it's about marrying their girlfriends.... But if he fails to be honest with their girlfriend and failed the free-willed lie detector, then you need to end the relationship. NO if's,and's or buts about it!

Why does my girlfriend keep telling me that she isn't in the mood for sex anymore?

Because she's sleeping with me.

How do you respond to you keep telling yourself that sweetie?

When the individual tells you 'you keep telling yourself that sweetie' is telling you that you are either lying, in denial or aren't in they realm of reality. You have the choice of believing what you think or stated on your behalf or take some opinions or good advice from the person.

His mom and dad keep telling me that he loves me and wants me as his girl but HE would always write something about another girl or he would tell me that he has a girlfriend what the prb what i do?

His parents may be exagerating, or maybe his is downsizing. Maybe he does have a girlfriend, but he likes you as a friend. Maybe his 'rents don't like his girlfriend and want you to be her instead. Why are you asking Wikianswers? Get out there and find out why!

What does keep your pants on mean?

If you tell someone to keep their pants (or panties) on, you're telling them not to get so upset about something.

I love my girlfriend with all my heart but I keep lying about silly little thing how do i stop?

Identify the underlying reasons for doing it, and then address those issues.

How do you keep from getting a boner when im cuddling with your girlfriend?

think of something that grosses u out and

How do you know if a guy is sincere on what he is saying?

Using body language - he might cover his mouth or brush his mouth with his hand while talking. That means he's lying or not telling everything. If he doesn't look you in the eyes while talking or keeps looking away, he's lying. Otherwise, if he has never lied to you, you just have to trust him.

How do you keep your girlfriend happy when she is sad?

sometimes its just the fact that your there holding her and telling her that you love her. other times you can tenderly kiss her. or tell a funny memory about yourself.

How do you know if someone is telling the truth?

Usually they can look you in the eyes and tell you. If you think they're lying keep asking questions and see if they change the story. Or say the same thing

Why do Women lie to keep a man?

Because they dont want one little thing that could make them break up happen. She will do anything to keep her man. The fear of telling the truth may damage the relationship. She keep lying and he keep pretending that he doesn't know until is not more lucrative for him.