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Do not string your current boyfriend along, If you think hes better as a friend then tell him how you feel.

The feelings about your ex may be caused by jealousy.

Finish with your current Boyfriend , Get your head straight and then see what you want.

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2009-04-16 02:21:59
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Q: What if you have feelings for your current boyfriend as a friend but may still love your ex?
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How do you know your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex girlfriend?

Just ask his best friends Does he still look at her Does he flirt with her Does he talk about her

Can a boyfriend being obsessed with his past ruin a relationship?

Yes, because sometimes the boy will still have feelings for the previous girl, and sometimes talks about them without even realising this. With a current girlfriend present, that could be disasterous.

Why would a girl says she has strong feelings for a guy but she already has a boyfriend?

if you are dealing with this, i feel that maybe you have grown somewhat tired of your current boyfriend, depending on how long you have been dating him. no one says you two are getting married, that's unless you plan on marrying him. anyways, if you have strong feelings for another guy other than your boyfriend, maybe it is time you really considered whether or not you still want to be with your current boyfriend. two people in a relationship can change a lot over time. sometimes, only the one person can change, and if you feel this is you, then maybe your feelings for your boyfriend are not as strong as they were when you two first started dating. do you feel this new guy that you have strong feelings for, are his feelings also very strong for you? if they are, then you really have to think about who you really want to be with. it sounds corny, but you should just follow your heart, and it will lead you to the right guy that you want to be with.

How do you deal with my boyfriends ex girlfriend who tries to be his friend on social networks he keeps refusing her but it's driving me crazy?

Do not mind her. She still likes this guy. Like, let her be your boyfriend's friend in reality not in social networks. If she wants to be your boyfriend's friend. It means that the girl wants to have connection secretly from you.

What would you do if you saw your boyfriend with your best friend?

Depends... If I seen them just talking I would trust them enough to not be doing anything but still keep my guard up. I would not show any sign that it bothers me because that just gives my boyfriend and best friend a reason to be mad at me. If I seen them kissing or hugging in a way i know there is something going on, I would definetely move on from my boyfriend and consider my best friend no longer my best friend.

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What does it mean when your ex boyfriend kisses your forehead?

He still accepts you as a friend with no hard feelings.

What do you do when your best friend hangs out with your ex boyfriend?

If you still have feelings for him, tell your bff to back off!:)

What if your ex-boyfriend likes your best friend What do you do?

If you still have feelings for him you can't do much but talk with your best friend. If she is a good friend then she will not began a relationship with him.

Should yu tell your ex your still have feelings for them even if your in another relationship?

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....

If your boyfriend added his ex girlfriends boyfriend does that mean he is jealous?

That's possible. But there's a chance that he's friend with her boyfriend. If he isn't his friend, there's a possibility that the boyfriend still has feelings for the ex girlfriend and is being nosey about her new relationship

What should you do when your x boyfriend comes back to you and you have a new boyfriend?

It all depends whether you still have feelings for your ex or not? I am currently going through that I have a new boyfriend but my ex still cares about me & is constantly texting, calling and messaging me about it. It drives my boyfriend bonkers. I still have feelings for my ex which makes my current get even more pissed off at me. But if you don't have feelings for explain to your ex how you feel and maybe he'll understand it.

Your ex boyfriend fancies your best friend and you think she like him too and you still have feelings for him what do you do?

ANSWERThat is so wrong right there. Well one suggestion hun, talk to your friend and tell your friend that you still have feelings for your ex and if she's a true friend she'll know her limits. Good luck

Can you be friends with an ex boyfriend you still have feelings for?


How long should you stay in a current relalionship if you love an ex but still have feelings for your current boyfriend?

Ask your self the question how would I feel if my current boyfriend is planing to resume a relationship with some one else. Keep in mind that people nearly always keep good feelings about past relationships,

What do you say to your ex boyfriend after you broke up with him and he has a new girlfriend and you have a new boyfriend that your jealous?

In this case you should be honest, tell your ex that you still have feelings for him. But, im going to be honest, don't let your current boyfriend find out about it. Tell your ex boyfriend that you still have feelings for him and you know its wrong because you are both dating other people. But mention that you havent yet moved on. & when you admitt you still have feelings for him, reminisce about the things that happened between the two of you.

Would it be wrong if i date a best friend's old boyfriend?

This question is tricky... Does your best friend still have feelings for him? Would your best friend care? If you want to know the answer to this question, you need to ask her.

Why does your boyfriend still call you?

still likes you has feelings for you wants to be with you again

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