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My advice, get a friend to figure out how the other guy feels, so if you break up with the guy your dating, and the other guy doesn't like you, you won't be single. If you find out he likes you, then talk to the guy your dating and tell him that you don't feel the same way that he feels about you. Then, maybe take a step forward and ask the other guy out. Or let it take time and wait for him to ask you out.

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You shouldn't be dating that "guy" in the first place if you like somebody else.

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Q: What if you go out with a guy but then you like someone else?
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Say your 13 and you like a guy a year older than you but he says he likes someone else?

then you ditch him and go find some one else

If you want to ask a guy to dance how do you do it also you don't want him to like someone else and embaress yourself.?

go for it,before he finds someone else,and if he says no or anything like that just say OK and don't be embarrassed

If you like a guy and you do not want to ask him out on a date what do you do?

just wait and see how things go if he ignors you just move on, there will always be someone else who will like you

What if your dating a guy and he asks another girl to prom?

Maybe the guy just needs some space from you. Or maybe you should ask another Guy to the prom. * If a guy your dating asks someone else to prom, he doesn't think much of you or your feelings. I say act like its nothing, and go to prom with someone else if you can. Personally i would not go out with him again.

What do you do if you don't like the guy you are talking to?

stop talking to him --------------------------------- Bring the conversation to a close politely and go and find someone else to talk to.

What does it mean when every guy you like and they like you go out with someone else?

Either, he doesn't like you or is shy, or you may have done something subconsciously to make him feel you don't like him.

What do you do if you really like one guy but you like someone else but you don't want to let go of the 1st guy?

Hang out with them both and see which one wants you hard to get. And then just be good friends with the other guy.

I'm to shy to tell this guy you like him what do you do?

Get over your shyness and just go up and tell him straight out. Surely you don't expect someone else to do this for you? If you really like this guy, then you are the only one who can tell him that.

What does it mean if you like a guy and he asks you to go to the movies with him and you like him but hes going out with someone?

You need to ask him if he is still going out with that other person. If so, then decline the invitation until he is "free." One thing that women never do is go out with someone else's guy, even if he is the one who is asking.

What should you do if you like a guy and you have liked him for a long time but recently someone else admitted to liking you?

AnswerAnswerIt's not for me to answer your question. You have to look into your heart and decide which guy would be best for you then go for it.IF you deeply like someone and you have feelings for him/her you should tell them. But if someone else likes you tell that person so he/she understands that your not interested. Be Brave and have some confidence!

How do you talk to a guy who knows you like him but he thinks your ugly and likes someone else?

Easy , You don't talk to him. he doesn't like you oh well move on someone else will. theres someone for everybody.

What does it mean if a guy friend acts like he likes you then does that someone else and still acts like that with you?

just say that i know you like me but, you cant act like that with other girls if we go out