What if you believe your lies?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Good question. If you believe your own lies it means you are loosing touch with reality - and are therefore in danger of being diagnosed with a mental health disorder. For only those with brain trauma can not distinguish reality from delusion - and self delusion (not being able to distinguish your own lie from reality) is nothing to laugh over. If it were me I'd seriously begin thinking of seeking professional psychological help - for there may be some underlying trauma happening in your life.

I do this! The reason why I start to believe in my lies is because I use them as a defense mechanism from having the truth become revealed. Ex- If I cheated on my man (only once ahhh) I will say, "Oh I was roofied, it wasn't my fault."

I basically know my answer is full of crap, but I say it over again so much that I start to believe in it in order to avoid the truth, and the truth is: I cheated, I messed up. 'I made a very stupid mistake, however I am not willing to mess up my relationship by telling him because he would never forgive me. I am an honest person, but being honest with this will only hurt me and him. Now I know what it's like to be a cheater and its terrible. I feel like I cheated on myself.

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Q: What if you believe your lies?
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