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you probably have a cold or a flu, I feel like this when I am ill.

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Q: What if you are pale but you feel hot?
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How will you know if you are ill?

You will know you are ill because you will feel sick and you might even look sick. You will look pale and you will probably feel cold when its warm and when it's cold you will probably feel warm. To know if you have a headache because you will feel hot on your head. In this case you should have a couple of spoon-fulls of CALPOL.

How do you know if you have a high fever?

you feel hot. you feel hot.

Why does your neck of your body get hot?

Get hot, as in temperature OR feel hot? It may feel hot because it isn't well ventilated. Get hot -- it's as hot as the rest of your core.

How do you feel before you faint?

you start cold sweating you become very pale you feel extremely tired you cant think straight sometimes you feel shakey

How did you feel under the sun?

feel hot

What is an Adjective for eggs?

round, oval, curved, colorful, pale, cold, hot, yummy, delicious

Why do you feel hot when you stand in front of the bonfire?

As heat radiations fall on the body, we feel hot.

What are some of the sensations you feel when you become a vampire?

Not much of anything. You just feel sort of tired, and then you'll look pale and not like sunlight

How did the people in the early civilisations measure temperature?

When they feel hot they think it's hot n feel cold then they feel cold

Why you are pale when you are cold and red when you are hot?

Easy, temperature. An example is lava. Lava is so hot, it is red. Snow, it is so cold because it is white.

Why do people feel there forehead when they have a fever?

They feel their forehead to determine if they have a fever. People with a fever feel hot. So if your forehead feels hot then you have a fever.