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When someone looks at you and when you catch them, most people tend to look away quickly. It is more of an embarrassing situation rather than an infatuation. If it occurs often then clearly the both of you are looking at each other too much.

yeah :D

I have actually done this before so i know that if you look at someone and they look at you then you probably do like that person, (if you look at them a lot.)


He probably thinks you're a freak

He doesn't want to make eye contact since he's scared of you

Have you ever approached him? If not then don't because he'll run scared for his life

If you need any more advice do not hesitate to ask!

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it depends if he keeps looking at you

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Q: What if you and him look at each other does that means he likes you?
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How do you know if a boy doesn't fancy you don't talk to each other?

it's in eye contact does he look at you and smile that probaly means he likes you try to flirt with eyes

How do you know if a guy likes you and you never really talk just look at each other?

You watch and read the other person's body language and you can judge whether or not he likes you.

If a guy can't seem to look at you very long in the eyes when you are talking to each other does this mean that he likes you he's afraid of you or that he doesn't like you at all or he's shy?

it happens to me with guys. it means he really likes u so its hard to look u in the eyes without blushing

Why are boys shy of girls and like to look at us?

If a boy is shy of a girl and likes to look at her it means he likes her.

Does it means a girl likes you when she looks at you a lot and when you look at her back she smiles?

she likes you a lot

What does it mean to exchange looks?

to exchange looks means to look at each other.................

What it means when you stare someone and she stares back?

If a girl continues to stare at you after the initial look, it is likely that she likes you.

What does it mean when a boy looks at you and the girl looks back at him?

Well I have a guy in my class and he looks at me all the time! and I look at him he really cute and he likes me and I like him so it probably means you guys BOTH have feelings for each other

How you know whether a girl likes you or not?

if she doesn't look at you but stares at you and then when you look back she looks away and she has a glint in her eyes that means she likes you

What does it mean when you feel a connection when you look into his eyes?

It means that you r perfect for each other

Why do wome stare at you but then look away?

It means that she likes you but she is nervous.

What are ways to know when a guy likes you at school when you never talk and always look at each other in the halls but are friends?

Well if you are really friends and only friends, then you are definitely friends. but if you hint that he likes you, and he looks at you all the time, then its time he realised how good lookin you are and he likes you. If you dont know, then go up and ask. If you are friends already then that means he should be able to tell you if he likes you or not.