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If the two are attracted to each other they could hook up or start dating.

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Q: What if two stranger lesbians have a sleepover?
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What would happen if two stranger lesbians have a sleepover?

Well its 2010 so anything is possible...

Can you scisscor yourself like lesbians do..?

99% of lesbians do NOT scissor. Fun fact of the day. No, you can not scissor yourself.

My boyfriend is going to sleepover were 16 what should we do at the sleepover?

Play lots of kissing games. . .like 7 minutes in heaven. . .just the two of you. ;-)

What do you call two lesbians floating down a river?


What is the best sexual thing two lesbians can do?

Not date men.

What do you call two lesbians?

A number of things:Human beingsA coupleWomenFriendsLovers

How do you ask if your friend can sleepover?

Hey friend can you have a sleepover with me?

What do you do at a sleepover with your ant?

what do you do with your ant at her sleepover

I am straight and live with two lesbians. they both look like small boys. are they butch lesbians. the younger one keeps coming into my room and doing things to me and i like it. am i gay too?

No that does not make you gay if u think lesbians are attracktive.I personaly like lesbians but i am not gay...

How long do lesbians stay together?

a relationsip between two lesbians is the same as a relationship between a man and a women, its just the sex is a little different.

Can two lesbians live together and not be in a relationship?

Lesbians are no different that straight people who decide to live together. If the chemistry isn't there should be no problem with the relationship.

What theme is better swimming or sleepover?