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You should probably see a doctor about that

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Q: What if there is black stuff near the front of your underwear?
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What does it mean when theres blood in your underwear but your not peeing blood?

It may just be that you have a small cut or wound near the anus or if you are female near the edges of the vagina. these are places where you cam get a small wound without easily seeing it.however I would make a careful examination of my self to find the source and if I could not I would definitely see a doctor about it.

What does it mean to have acromioclavicular joint degenerative changes?

The acromioclavicular joint is the near the shoulder at the end of the clavicle (collar bone). Degenerative changes is another word for arthritis. It usually would cause pain in the front of the shoulder, especially with crossing the arm across the chest and lying on that side.

What is far sided?

When you can't see near.

Why do people committing suicide shoot themselves in the mouth instead of at the temple?

a bullet through the mouth to the back of the head near where the skull meets the spine is the most effective way to ensure that you do not survive the attempt. Shooting the temple leaves the possibility of survival (with brain damage). If you are thinking about suicide, first DONT, Second talk to someone about it.. there is lots of wonderful stuff in this world and suicide is not the answer.

Is the guy you like nervous if he can't talk to you but can always go near you and stare at you?

yes, if he is that shy, he won't have the guts to talk to you, but he will try to be near you and get your attention! very nervous..

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