What if its expensive though?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dont Buy It.

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Q: What if its expensive though?
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How expensive are Soniccare Toothbrushes?

Sonicare toothbrushes are rather expensive. They can be over a $100. Sometime though, they will have coupons in the Sunday Newspaper for them though?

Is elf cosmetics expensive?

Yes Elf cosmetics are expensive. Not way too expensive though. Almost as expensive as Ulta Cosmetics.

How expensive is non-organic food?

It really isn't that much expensive. depending on what you get though

Most expensive food item in the menu?

The entree usually, though some deserts can be very expensive.

Is a flute expensive?

heck, yes! they can be as expensive as a car! the beginner flutes are in the normal range for instruments, though.

What is the best cruise line to take for a Caribbean cruise?

Royal Caribbean. It's expensive though... How is it expensive?

Do you have macbook pro?

no but i have considered getting it though. i do know they are expensive.

Can you recharge your own air condioner in your 1998 breeze?

absolutely, but the kits can get expensive. Not as expensive as what you'll be charged by a mechanic though.

Why are legos expensive?

sometimes if they are big some of them can be as little as three bucks though. The most expensive one is 500 bucks. :)

Is Hollister Co. awesome?

Though expensive, yes, Hollister is awesome.

What skoda octavia?

Greenline 2010, it is quite expensive though, £17,225

When a guy likes you does he buy expensive things?

Never expect a guy to buy expensive things but sometimes he can express his feelings though items for you.