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Then he probably doesn't know for sure if he likes you, it's probably a sign of a breakup I'd say.

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Q: What if he says he doesn't know what love is?
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How do you know that a guy really loves or he only say that i love you only for sex?

you look at his facial expression. if he is giving you the look when he says it then he doesnt really love you if he doesnt then your ok.

How do you get a boy to love you when you love them?

i have a best friend who has ALL the boys in our class falling for her. if he doesnt know your alive start talking to him be nice to his friends if you think he loves you but arent sure tell him you like him... IKNOW I KNOW! but what if he doesnt love you then tells everyone you love him IT WONT HAPPEN! tell him you were joking if he says he doesnt love you.

How do you know if the guy you like believes that you do like him?

give him the "i love you" treatment on day 1 (i hate this) if he says i love you, then he is just into your body.. or he is and he still loves u and doesnt know how to respond if he says i dont know, he doesnt know how to respond as he is an amatuer or doesnt want to hurt your feelings but this does not mean he will not like you in the future you have to work on it a bit more if he says no, ... well i dont know then he is gay i suppose b.c no one is stupid or mean or dumb enough to blurt out no on a test question like this

I say I love you to my boyfriend and he says it back. Sometimes. Other times he just says I know and kisses me. Is this bad?

if he smiles when he says "i know" and if he doesnt do that all the time then its not bad he prbly just telling you he does to in a different way

If your father says he love you and never helped you in life should you love him back?

well, it all depedns on what kind of a dad he realy is. if he pushes you away from him, and then says that he does love you when you say that you feel as if he doesnt, then you might. but if he's beaten you and then says that 'you' don't love him, then you can say 'no' to loving him. I'm not saying that you sholdnt if he does, beceuse you know that deep, deep down insede you - you know you do.

What to ask to know if she loves you?

say you love her and if she says it back you know if not then she might not be in the same place yet...but dont worry if she doesnt just take your time she eventually will

How do you know when your boyfriend likes you?

just ask him honestlydo u love me if he does not answer he doesnt if he says yes ask one of his friends davidlee your welcome

If your girlfriend says i love you baby to an ex doesnt it mean she is still in love with him?

Saying you love your ex does not mean you are in love with him.

What do you do when your girlfriend says maybe to everything?

she doesnt want to do it or doesnt like what you are telling her...and doesnt want to tell you or you to know

You love a friend but you dont know how to tell him?

All you have to do is be open and honest, and if he says that he doesnt like you that way ask him if you can still be friends, he will hopefully understand

What does it mean when a girl says she calls you names and smacks you out of love?

she doesnt love you like she used too

When a woman you work with has a crush on you for two years and she says you make her so happy is she in love with you?

well you know if she likes you if she doesnt stop looking at you always wants to know what you are thinking and if your thinking of her.