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Well...If h really loved ou he woouldnt avoid you! Slightly obvious...confront him straight away!!

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Q: What if he loves me but avoids me?
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What one has to do if a guy who loves you as much you love him avoids and ignores you?

give him his space, then try to talk it out with him dood.

My guy safeguards me all time but never wants me to meet his friends and avoids talking to me in public. He never mentions marriage. We are together 10 years - do you think he loves me?

I personally do think he loves you just has comitment issues

Why would your boyfriend says he loves you but avoids you?

He is lingering you on till he figures out what he wants. Or he is just a player. Or he said it and didn't mean it and now he doesn't know how to face you.

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