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Sounds like maybe a broken blood vessel in eye

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Q: What if half your eye is bloodshot?
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Why is the lower half of my eye red when I'm tired but the top half is normal?

i want to know too   i have no idea why but 9 days out of ten my lower half of the eye is bloodshot and sickly looking   the upper eye white is clear and healthy looking 

What does blood in the corner of your eye mean?

You may have a eye infection or bloodshot eyes.

Is salt water good for a bloodshot eye after something got in it?


What are the release dates for City of Angels - 1976 The Bloodshot Eye 1-12?

City of Angels - 1976 The Bloodshot Eye 1-12 was released on: USA: 11 May 1976

What is a bloodshot eye?

An eye in which the small blood vessels are dilated, giving the white of it a red appearance.

Does visine work for bloodshot eyes when you get high?

Yes. There is a medication in visine (and most other over the counter eye drops) that will constrict the vessels on the surface of the eye, decreasing the appearance of bloodshot eyes.

How can you tell if a horse is sleepy?

When its eyes are bloodshot and his eye lids are droopy?

Does blood thinner cause bloodshot eye?

no, it would not cause your eyes to be bloodshot. Bloodshot eyes come from inflammation of the conjunctiva (the mucus membranes over your eyes/eyelids). Thinning of the blood could not cause conjunctivitis (bloodshot eyes) unless you have an allergy to that medication that could cause bloodshot eyes (which I would think would be almost impossible).

Why does your puppy with a bloodshot eye yelp when you touch that side of her head can you help me?

marphans syndrome.

What is black and white and red sometimes and has two stripes and a polka dot?

a bloodshot eye

What is the medical term meaning bloodshot eyes?

Maybe you're allergic to something or have hayfever or an eye infection. Maybe you need glasses. Go and see the doctor

Do humans and animals get bloodshot eyes?

Yes, animals with eyes and a circulatory system can usually get bloodshot (red) eyes. Red eye is caused when the blood vessels in the eye rupture, is inflamed or for some other reason experiences increased vasodilation (blood vessel walls becomes more permeable).