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If a guy says he likes you but doesn't keep in touch with you he might have a good reason but if he doesn't you're just back up. He might have his eyes on another girl.

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Q: What if a guy says he likes you but dont keep in touch?
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What do you do if he says he really likes you but doesn't love you?

Well just do stuff that he likes and be more lovable around him until he says he loves you (but dont keep asking him "do you love me"). Just hang in there and someday he will say "i love you" !!!

What does he mean when he says he likes you and you are dating?

it means he likes you. dont over analize anything a guy says

What does it mean when he says we'll keep in touch?

When someone says that "We'll keep in touch", he or she is likely wanting to stay in touch. However, it could be that a close relationship is not wanted.

What does it mean when a boy says he likes you?

that means he likes you so dont mess it up ;)

How do i know if my girlfriend doesn't like me anymore Shes not really my girlfriend...but basically and i keep asking her if she likes me and she keeps saying yes but i dont know?

If she says she likes you, then why are you confused? Hit it and quit it man

How do you delete likes from Facebook?

when i open my facebook it says code when i do my code it says wrong i dont no what to do

What do it mean when a woman says keep in touch?

It means he wants to keep communicating with you.

How do you get your dad to buy you an iPod Touch?

Be supper awesome to him and be nice and keep your mind open to anything he says. like if he says maybe next week dont say but why!! how about this week or tomorrow.. that will tell him off

What does it mean if a guy pursues you and says he likes and wants to be with you but then says he doesnt want to hurt me but he can't get over a other girl?

it means he is not ready for you. dont talk to him. leave him be. he will only use you to keep himself busy

What does it mean when he says you dont know how bad you turn me on?

He really really likes you

What do you do if you know a girl likes you but says she doesn't?

ask her out!And keep doing it until she says yes

If you ask a guy if you have a big ass and he says slightly what does it mean?

he likes it dont worry