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tell her the truth, tell her what you like about her

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Q: What if a girl ask you what you like about her?
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How do you ask for a girl's number?

Well,all you have to do is get the girl to like and then ask the girl does she like him and if the girl says yes, then ask her for her #! and i should know cause i am a girl!

How do you ask out a girl if her best friend likes you?

It depends, do you like the other girl who likes you? if so, ask HER out. If not, then just ask out the girl you like.

You like a girl and she like you?

ask her out!

How do you ask a thai girl for her email?

You ask them like you would ask any other girl for their email.

How can you ask out the girl that you like?

get to know her first and then ask her

If you like a girl and she like you what will you do?

If you can date, ask her out.

What do you do when a girl likes a boy and he like her but a girl is to shy to ask him her out?

If you like the girl just ask her! it will be fine if you know she likes you just ask her and it will be ok i promise!!!!! tell me when you get the news!! that girl is going to be so happy!!!

What do you do if a girl like a boy?

ask them out

How do you find out if a girl like you?

Ask her

How do you get a girl who don't like you?

ask her out

How you know if the girl like you?

Ask her.

How will you know if a girl is about to ask you out?

Well it depends, Do you like this girl?