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one is when you harvest or cut down trees, and plants for human use

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Q: What human factors contribute to desertification?
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What are the factors that contribute to human wildlife conflicts?

weather, human pop. and how much polution we make.

Desertification is caused by?

Human activity

How do human activities lead to desertification?

Human activities can directly lead to the spread of desertification. This is because humans can use up all of the viable resources in a location.

What is what is desertification?

Desertification is caused by a wide variety of factors is the removal or destruction of all the vegetation in a certain enclosed area, such as a field or a forest.

Which biotic factors are responsible for desertification?

The biotic factors that are responsible for desertification are cutting down trees to build houses and polluting areas where greenery grows so much that the greenery stops growing.

Which continent is at greater risk of desertification?

Desertification refers to transformation a dry land regions into deserts. This is often caused by human activity or climate change. Africa is most at risk of desertification.

How is desert that is prouduced by desertification different from naturally occurring desert?

Deserts formed by desertification are usually caused by human activities. Such activities as over grazing and poor agricultural processes can cause desertification.

What speeds up the expansion of the desert?

Poor farming practices and over grazing of livestock contribute to desertification.

What factors contribute to group cohesiveness in organization?

what factors contribute cohesiveness?

What are 2 human causes of desertification?

Humans can harm a desert by sandstorms and coldness.

Which personal factors will contribute to substance abuse?

Personal factors that can contribute to substance abuse include genetics, history of trauma or abuse, mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety, low self-esteem, peer pressure, and a lack of coping mechanisms for stress or difficult emotions.

What various human activities have contributed to desertification of the Sahel?

Poor farming practices contributed to desertification of the Sahel. Deforestation is one of the biggest problems, leading to soil erosion.