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testes produce mainly testosterone and ovaries produce mainly oestrogen

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Q: What hormones do ovaries and testes produce?
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Which function is performed by the ovaries but not by the testes?

The function that is performed by the ovaries and not the testes is the ovaries produce eggs. Both testes and ovaries produce hormones.

Does ovaries and testes produce steroid hormones?


How are ovaries different from testes?

Ovaries are different from testes because ovaries produce eggs while the testes produce sperm.

What is the function of female testes?

Females do not have testes. Testes are male reproductive organs. The female equivalent of testes is ovaries, which produce eggs and female sex hormones.

Why are the ovaries and testes considered endocrine glands?

Both types of reproductive organs produce hormones in addition to the production of ovum and sperm, respectively. The testes produce testosterone, and the ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone. Such hormones are responsible for control and onset of conception and the growth of offspring.

What organs make hormones?

All multicellular organisms produce hormones. organs that produce hormones are Hypothalamus , Thyroid and Parathyroid , Thymus , adrenal, pancreas, ovaries, and testes.

How testes and ovaries do their products differ?

Testes are male gonads. They produce sperm, millions every 10 days, and androgens which include testosterone. Ovaries are female gonads which produce eggs, one each month, and hormones. The hormones are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Hormones are made in organs called?

testes and ovaries

Parts of the reproductive systems in men and women both testes and ovaries also produce hormones making them part of what other system?

ovaries and testes are a big part of reproductive as well as endocrine system.

Which hormones do the ovaries secrete?

The ovaries secrete progesterone and Oestrogen, the testes secrete testosterone and oestrogen. These are known as androgenic hormones.

What hormones are produced by both the ovaries and the testes?

The hormone produced by both the ovaries and testes is Inhibin. A protein hormone that inhibts the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in both the testes and ovaries.

Where does sperm produce for males?

Testes ,ovaries

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