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Fresh air!!! and water.

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Q: What helps you when you are sick from paint fumes?
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Can paint fumes make a baby sick?

While paint fumes should not make a baby horribly ill, I would not recommend having a baby inhale paint fumes for a long period of time. In adults, paint fumes are known to cause headaches by irritating the nose and throat nerves. So I would suggest, if you have painted and cannot avoid having the baby around paint fumes, to open a window or put a fan in the room to help air out the space. for more information:

Can you paint in room where there is a sick person?

You can, but it's not very kind to the sick person. Many people are sensitive to paint fumes under the best of circumstances.

Can glue fumes from work make you sick?

Many types of glue fumes can make you sick or nauseous.

What is out-gassing of paint?

This is the fumes that paint and varnish give off when they are applied. As the paint cures, the fumes will go away. You can open up the area windows.

What are the dangers of a two-year-old inhaling latex paint fumes?

If you mean latex paint, none. Latex is a water based paint and has no toxic fumes.

Why should you have good ventilation when you paint?

You should have good ventilation when you paint because paint fumes can be dangerous. Inhaling paint fumes can lead to headaches, dizziness and even a loss of unconsciousness.

Are Latex paint fumes danger to baby?

Paint fumes are dangerous to anyone, but since 'latex' is a water-based paint, there is less likely to be dangerous fumes. Still, you should never paint with a baby in close proximity. Is it possible that my daughter who was 8 weeks pregnant and painting the house they were selling could have had inhaled the fumes of the paint resulting in a damaged foetus resulting in a spontaneous abortion.

Does paint fumes cause any damage to an aortic valve replacement patient?

Paint fumes (depending on what kind) can cause damage to any human. Its often a good idea to refrain from breathing in paint fumes whether or not you have an aortic valve replacement. Paint fumes when inhaled can cause damage to and kill brain cells (which you have a limited supply of).

How long should paint fumes last?

Paint fumes should last 2-3 days at most. If they persist put a fan in the room.

Does milk neutralize paint fumes in a persons lunges?


Will gas fumes harm vehicle paint?


Can you get sick breathing in rubber fumes?

yes, yes you can