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your kidneys clean it before its passed to your bladder.

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Q: What helps you go to the bathroom?
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Do dried apples help you go to bathroom?

No. It is not true to say that dried apples helps you go to bathroom.

A sentence for fiber?

Fiber helps you to go to bathroom

What organ helps you go to the bathroom?

your kidneys clean it before its passed to your bladder.

Does oatmeal help you go the bathroom?

Oatmeal, like other grains, contains fiber which helps food move through the digestive system and can help you go to the bathroom.

Why do you need fibre?

you need fibre because fibre helps you go to the bathroom and with out it you will be constapated.

Why does your dog want to play after she eats?

Because shes full,happy and this helps her go to the bathroom.

Is ginger good for stomach upsets?

yea because it makes you go to the bathroom Peppermint also helps.

How do you pee your pants at a slepover if you are a girl?

You drink allot of water and don't go to the bathroom there hope this helps

Why the humans need to go the bathroom?

Humans need to go to the bathroom to remove waste products from their body, such as urine and feces. This process helps to maintain the body's balance of fluids and electrolytes, as well as to eliminate toxins and other waste materials. Going to the bathroom is a natural and necessary bodily function that helps to keep us healthy.

How do you say cat in fijian?

The phrase "need to go to the bathroom" is not translatable to Fijian, but if it helps, the word "bathroom" translates into "valenisili".

What is a lever in the bathroom?

one lever in a bathroom is a toilet lever hope that helps:)

When will you go to the bathroom?

You will go to the bathroom when you are ready to. I hope you make it peaceful.