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Vermiculite insulation may contain asbestos which is known to lead to cancer and breathing related problem do to breathing in the asbestos which will attack lungs.

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Q: What health risks are there with vermiculite insulation?
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Are vermiculite insulation granuals waterproof for external wall cavities?

is vermiculite suitable for cavity wall insulation

Does all vermiculite insulation contain asbestos?

No, not all vermiculite contains asbestos. You should have it tested.

When did they quite using asbestos in vermiculite insulation?

Asbestos was not an intentional component in vermiculite, it was a contaminant in the material as taken from the ground. The only way to "quit using" it was to stop using vermiculite fro those sources.

Is there really asbestos in insulation?

Asbestos was commonly used in insulation until the 1970s when its health risks were recognized. If insulation in older buildings has not been replaced, it's possible that it still contains asbestos. However, modern insulation materials are asbestos-free.

What is a good salary for an insulation contractor?

I believe a good salary for a insulation contractor would be around $60,000.00 per year, due to the physical labor and health risks that they sometimes incur.

How dangerous is vermiculite plus asbestos insulation?

Vermiculite insulation containing asbestos is about as dangerous as any other type of insulation that contains asbestos. If it becomes airborne and people breath in the fibers, their risk of contracting an asbestos related disease increases. The amount of increased risk depends on how much asbestos is in the insulation, how much becomes airborne, how long the people are exposed to the airborne fibers, and whether they smoke tobacco products.

What is vermiculite made out of?

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that expands when heated. It is composed of a group of hydrated laminar minerals. When heated, it expands to create lightweight, fire-resistant, and absorbent material commonly used in gardening, insulation, and construction.

Is it ok to put new fiber glass insulation over old vermiculite insulation?

Yes, it is fine to do that. You should also put the batts perpendicular to the rafters. This will help tp minmize thermal bridging.

Which mineral do objects that require heat insulation usually contain?

Objects that require heat insulation usually contain minerals such as asbestos, vermiculite, or silica. These minerals have high heat resistance properties and are commonly used in insulation materials to prevent heat transfer.

What is vermiculite typically used in?

Vermiculite has many uses. One of the typical things it is used for is seed germination. It also is used in brake linings, loose fill insulation, acoustic panels, as a soil conditioner and a additive to fireproof wallboard just to name a few things.

How do you determine the insulation thickness for heat insulation?

It's about 25mm - 1" vermiculite thick layer for every 100 degrees Celsius temperature level. For 350C oven temp reach the insulative layer should be 70mm thick.

What are the health risks of gay people?

Gay people have exactly the same health risks as straight people. Being gay does not give different health risks.