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Breathing animal urine does not pose a risk to most people. However, in concentrated amounts found in poorly ventilated areas, ammonia fumes produced by animal urine can cause a number of serious symptoms after long-term exposure. These symptoms may include burning and watering of the eyes, coughing, wheezing, headache, and nausea, among others. The World Health Organization considers ammonia to be a possible carcinogen, meaning that inhalation of these fumes may be linked to cancer growth. Never clean up animal urine that has a strong ammonia smell with bleach; mixing bleach with ammonia will cause toxic gases to form.The most common symptoms reported include headaches and burning, watery eyes.

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Human urine is mostly water. also is a steryl byproduct of the human body. There are no known dangers to the odor of urine other than it may be uplesant for some.

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um... people might thing you're a bit odd... now that's dangerous

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unless you drown....

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Q: What health effects can be caused from breathing human urine?
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