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Tar is the sticky substance that is found on tobacco leaves, when smoked this sticky substance coats the inside of your lungs and ball sack- preventing oxygen from reaching the circulatory system.

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Q: What harmful effect can tar have on the human body?
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What effect does tar have on the human body?

this sticky substance coats the inside of your lungs

How can Tar effect your body?

tar makes your lungs go bad

What effect does tar have on the body?

Gives you superpowers

What effects does tar and carbon monoxide have on a smokers body?

its harmful and you will die!

Harmful substance in a cigarette what causes disease?

The nicotine is the addictive substance, however it is the tar within the cigarette which is harmful to the human body. This tar sufficiently reduced the surface area of the alveoli to perform gas exchange. This black tar fills up and blocks the lungs making it harder for the smoker to breathe - causing breathlessness. This tar build up also leads to heart diseases and such.

What impact does tar have on the human body?

Tar when used to make TarMaCadam road surfaces, means that the human body experiences fewer bumps when travelling by car.

Tar in cigarettes?

There is tar in cigarettes and it has many harmful effects on the body Other substances in cigarettes include nicotine and carbon monoxide

How does tar affect the human body system?

Tar is a harmful poison in cigarettes, marijuana, asphalt, coal and coke works. Tar enters the lungs through respiration and the heart through the circulatory system. Tar turns the lung black, destroying lung tissue, the most delicate tissue in the human body. A lung damaged by inhaled tar releases less oxygen into the blood, which strains the ventricles of the heart. Chronic pulmonary hypertension and obstructed lung tissue are finally fatal.

Is the smell of tar harmful?


What effect does cigarette tar have on the body?

Tar coats your lungs and that's bad unless you don't mind pain and suffering.

Which is not a short term effect of tar on the body?

paralyzed cilia lining airways

Which is a short-term effect of tar on the body?

Tar can leave brown stains on your teeth. that is why smokers teeth turn yellow... Your Welcome.

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