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Eating Vagisil, which is a prescription expected for outside use to ease vaginal tingling and disturbance, isn't suggested and can be destructive. Vagisil contains dynamic fixings like benzocaine, resorcinol, and sulfur, which are intended to be applied topically to the impacted region. Ingesting these substances can prompt antagonistic impacts like sickness, spewing, stomach torment, and, surprisingly, more serious entanglements whenever consumed in enormous amounts. Assuming somebody coincidentally ingests Vagisil or some other prescription, it's pivotal to quickly look for clinical consideration. The Toxin Control Center or a medical services proficient can give direction on what moves toward take straightaway. It's critical to constantly utilize drugs as coordinated and keep them far away from kids and pets to forestall inadvertent ingestion.

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You will have a nice clean vagina smile! Now have at it.

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You will become a pretty good nascar driver

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You might develop vaginas in your stomach.

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Q: What happens when you eat vagisil?
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There are a few places that offer Vagisil coupons including Free Stuff Times, Internet Drug Coupons, Vagisil Store, Vagisil Wash, and Jenny's Free Coupons.

Is Vagisil powder good to eat because it taste so good?

No, Vagisil is not made to be eaten and there are warning messages on the bottle that states not to use it other than how it is directed. Eating this medication can make you very sick.

What rhymes with vagisil?

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Where can you buy Vagisil?

From your local chemists.

What is vagisail?

Vagisil is a full line of feminine hygiene products made by Combe_Incorporated. In 2007, Vagisil introduced the Vagisil Screening Kit.The Vagisil product line includes:Vagisil Original Strength Anti-Itch CremeVagisil Maximum Strength Anti-Itch CremeVagisil Medicated Anti-Itch WipesVagisil Screening KitVagisil Deodorant PowderVagisil Deodorant MistVagisil Foaming WashVagisil Intimate LubricantVagisil Yeast Itch Control Suppositories

Can vagisil cure a yeast infection?

Vagisil does not cure chlamydia. There are high risks from untreated chlamydia. See your health care provider for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Who is Kellogg's competitors?

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Who is the Redhead in the latest Vagisil Wash commercial?

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Can you buy something to get rid of vaginal itchyness?

yes try vagisil

What legal drugs can be purchased without a doctors note?

Vagisil and subofone

What is vagisil cream used for?

It is a feminine product that stops the itching of "down there."

What is vagisil used for?

Vagisil is used to relieve external vaginal itching and discomfort. It is a topical cream that can be applied to the vaginal area to help soothe symptoms associated with conditions like yeast infections, vaginal dryness, or irritation.