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Well, Virtually, if you are talking a Sci-fi type of Vaporation, technically, the human just turns to small micro pieces of dust and ash.

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Q: What happens when people are vaporized?
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What happens to the water in the tissueof humans when overwhelmed by proclastic flow?

The water is vaporized and the tissue is burned.

What physical change happens to atoms and molecules in a solution that is strongly heated in a flame?

The solvent is vaporized.

What happens when candel wax changes from a solid to a liquid?

It melts. Thus it can be drawn up the wick ... to be vaporized and burned.

What happens to the particles in a liquid when it's vaporized?

the particles are less tightly packed so are free to go into the atmosphere... did u do gcse science

Who is vaporized in the book 1984?

It is not confirmed that she was vaporized, only implied. If this was the case, there could be a vast variety of reasons.

Are people vaporized in a nuclear explosion?

If you are sufficiently close to the explosions center it is possible.Temperture of explosion center is 300,000,000°C.

Is boiling water vaporized?

Yes, boiling water is vaporized because it's very hot after it's boiled.

How will you determine when the unknown liquid in the flask has completely vaporized?

The unkown liquid in the flask has completely vaporized when there is no liquid in the flask.

What place was sally Jackson vaporized in the Lightning Thief?

Sally wasn't vaporized. The minatour teleported her to the underworld and to Hades

Does vaporized blood smell sweet?


What is the common name for vaporized water?


Is cannabis a herb?

Sure. Such as when you smoke it, or take it in food or drink. And when vaporized. Cannabis induces peace in most sane people and many insane as well.