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The salt melts in your mouth and then you swallow it and your finished!

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Eating to many saltine cracker good for you?

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Q: What happens when a saltine cracker is placed in your mouth?
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What is easier to eat a grape or a saltine cracker?

grapes are juice and dont break

Before the cracker was put in the mouth it was composed prinarily of?

The composed of a cracker before hitting the mouth is amylase. This is science.

How do you digest a saltine cracker?

Digestion starts in your mouth, when your teeth chew the cracker into small bits. Those are mixed with saliva, which starts breaking down the carbohydrates in the cracker. When you swallow it, it goes to your stomach, where digestive fluids break it down some more. Various bacteria in your intestines may also help with the breakdown. Nutrients are absorbed in the intestines, along with excess water.

What are some quick, delicious finger food recipes?

A finger food is a common way of saying tapas. Tapas are favorite recipes broken down into bite size morsels. If you can minimize lobster Newberg on a saltine cracker, your guest's will want to sample the 10 other dishes waiting their mouth.

Why wouldn't you open your mouth if a tongue depressor was placed in your mouth?

If a tongue depressor was placed in your mouth, then your mouth had to be open in the first place.

What happens if your mouth is not working?

If a person's mouth is not functioning properly they may be unable to eat solid foods. They may have to be placed on a liquid diet and puree all of their food.

What if you eat starch but don't swallow it?

The enzymes in your mouth actually start to digest it and so you get a sweet taste in your mouth. You can try this out by putting a saltine in your mouth and not chewing or swallowing it. Just let it dissolve and you will get a sweet taste.

Explain the process of digestion if a student puts a plain cracker in their mouth, chews it, and holds the mush in their mouth.?

because of the digestive system

What is the world record for catching food in your mouth?

The record is one saltine.

Is it impossible to eat 5 saltine crackers in under a minute?

because the saltine crackers are dry and by the time you reach 7 crackers all the saliva in your mouth is absorbed and saliva is the key ingredient in digesting food in your mouth. also the rules are you cant lick your lips. and p.s. it is possible i did it twice befor i answered this question =) and yes i went there!!

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Neither it is placed in the bell

Happens if a fly gets in your mouth?

Then there will be a fly in your mouth