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you fell tired

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Q: What happens to your body when you do not get enough sleep?
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What happens when people don't get enough sleep?

well you can become so exhausted that your body can pass out and it is bad for your health.

Why is it important to sleep enough?

If you don't get enough sleep your body doesn't have enough energy to do every day tasks. You need to rest your body. Your brain works better that way. REMEMBER TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP!!!!!!

What happens if you dont sleep?

First, you will become extremely tired. You will become very lathargic, and after a long enough period without sleep, you will simply crash onto whatever it is you are on, and your body will force you to go to sleep. Basically, in time, if you don't sleep, your body will make you. you will faint

What happens if you don't have enough sleep?

Um your tired.

What happens to you over the long term if you do not get enough sleep?


What is the recommended hour of sleep is it for a teenager?

Teenage period is when a boy or girl grows the most. Most of this growth in height and weight happens when you sleep. So, getting 8 hours if sleep is very important especially if you are a teenager who wants to grow nice tall and strong

What happens to you when you do not get enouh sleep?

If you don't get enough sleep you will most likely fall asleep at random times tomorrow...... If you constantly don't get enough sleep you could have health issues

What happens if you don't enough sleep?

you will get bsgs and you wont have much energy

Is it possible to not be able to sleep after losing a lot of sleep?

yes, if you dont get enough sleep and you get too tired your body cant slow down enough and it's harder to get to sleep. trust me, i know. :D

Why should you have enough sleep?

Your body needs sleep to recharge. Your brain is much more alert when you've had enough sleep, for example. Your body doesn't feel tired if you rest it every night, and your organs work better when they're rested.

What happens if you dont have enough phosphorus in your body?

you die.

What happens if you don't get enough dairy in your body?