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dont do it. (Probably well advised) but, I have never done drugs before and have just done 6 days straight. (They were strong) Feel fine

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Q: What happens to your body if you take ecstasy for 7 days in a row?
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What happens when you take ecstasy and your eyes cross?

Your body is reacting negativly, and cross eyed is the first sign of cardiac arrest, or seizure.

What happens if you take 20 ecstasy pills at one time?

you would probably die

Can you take ecstasy while taking provigil?

Just to be safe I stopped taking provigil two days before using ecstasy. I didn't have any issues.

What happens if you smoke marijuana and take ecstasy at the same time?

Generally I have found that cannabis interacts in a synergistic way with ecstasy which means the effects of the mdma will seem a lot stronger after smoking.

How many times can you take ecstasy in a week?

It usually takes your body about five days to recover from ecstasy, so if you take it again five days later you should get the full effects again. That doesn't mean you should do it, because that is very destructive to your body to always put it under the stress of recuperating. Wait at least two weeks before taking it again, and take care of yourself by eating well and exercising.

Can you take ecstasy when you are on other medications?

I would be really careful. Ecstasy can do a lot of damage to your body if its not ready for it. I would avoid pain killers and xanex at all costs.If you take anti-depressants the effects of ecstasy will be little to none as they block seratonin levels from flowing like they are supposed to.

How long does it take for an ecstasy pill to get clean out of your system?

for it to get out of your BLOOD, its usually only 3-4 days. rarely more then a week.

Is it safe to take pure MDMA ecstasy after having appendix surgery 1 week and two days earlier?

No. MDMA takes a pretty hard toll on your body, physically. If you are going to do it, do so in good health.

What happens if you mix ecstasy with Zoloft?

bad drug interactions. bad as in death. stop taking Prozac if your not depressed. if you are depressed, never take ecstasy. it will just make you more depressed. i know a kid who killed himself the day after taking ecstasy.

Can you puke off ecstasy?

It does metabolise in your body and then excreted in urine. It can be detected for upto 3 days after use.

What happens if you take Sudafed on ecstasy?

I took sudafed for a week and then went out at the weekend and took ecstasy. I ended up in hospital not being able to breath having an anxiety panic attack, was put on a drip and kept in overnight.

Can you take ecstasy while on your period?

Whoever you are, you should not be taking ecstasy, no matter when.