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After about seven days after conception, what happens to the zygote is that it attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. When it does this, it is referred to as a blastocyst.

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Finger like projections called villi will begin to grow from the zygote to the unyerine lining.

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Within 7 days or less

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Q: What happens to the zygote after about seven days?
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What happens to the zygote at four days?

It becomes an embryo

What is the main purpose of zygote?

aids happens

What happens first in pregnancy?

Formation of a zygote

What happens to the size of the cells during zygote development?

your mom happens

How long does zygote last?

It lasts 3-5 days until the zygote divides into a blastocyst.

What happens seven days after a Muslim is born?

Soms people does after 7 Days the Aqiqah

What happens to the zygote that is monosomic?

one set of chromosomes

How many weeks into pregnancy does the zygote appear?

For humans, a zygote will become a blastocyst after about four days. A human zygote typically exists for only four or five days. After becoming a blastocyst, the cells becomean embryo.See the related links below for more information about zygotes and blastocysts.

What happens before the zygote develops into a larger organism?


What normally happens after fertilization in sexual reproduction?

After fertilization in sexual reproduction the zygote is formed. The zygote later on develops in to an embryo by embryo-genesis.

What happens with zygote?

A Zygote is the cell formed when two gamete (or sex cells) are joined by sexual reproduction. The zygote develops into the baby. The zygote is only the initial stage of the development of the offspring. Usually, a zygote if formed by an ovum and sperm. The ovum being the female sex cell and the sperm being the male's.

What immediately happens after zygote form?

A newly formed zygote forms immediately begins the process of cell division and differentiation which lead to the formation of an embryo.