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If the brain goes without blood for more than a couple of minutes, neurons will start to die.

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If the brain lost all of it's blood the individual would die. If blood flow to the brain is blocked, it causes a stroke.

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you go brain dead if you leave it to long and then the only thing you can do is die because you need it to think and if you dont your heart

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Q: What happens to the brain if it loses all its blood?
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What happens when a person loses neuron cells from a stroke?

It depends on which area of the brain or spinal cord is affected. The functions of that area will be altered or be stopped all together.

What happens if all lysosomes in white blood cells are destroyed?

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Why do people get strokes?

A stroke happens when a blood clot, ruptured artery, or blood vessel interrupts the flow of blood to an area in the brain. The resulting lack of oxygen and glucose (sugar) flowing to the brain causes the death of brain cells which damages the brain. This can often cause an impairment in speech, movement, and memory.Ischemic stroke accounts for about 75% of all strokes. This occurs when a blood clot, cuts off the flow to a part of the brain. Blood clots can be formed anywhere in the body under the right conditions and travel to the brain over time if they don't dissolve.A hemorrhagic stroke happens as a result of a blood vessel on the brain's surface rupturing and filling the space between the brain and skull with blood (subarachnoid haemorrhage) or as a result of a defective artery in the brain bursting and filling the surrounding area of the brain with blood (cerebral haemorrhage)The end result with all of these conditions is that there is a lack of oxygen and glucose to the affected area of the brain which leads to the death of brain cells.

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What are the causes of blood clotting in brain and heart?

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How does blood reach the human brain?

The blood reaches the brain because of heart pumping. the heart is capable of supplying blood in all "1G" conditions to all parts depending upon requirement.

What happens if you eat an animals brain?

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A human red blood cell loses its nucleus at one stage of its growth A human brain cell always keeps its nucleus Which cell do you think lives longer Why?

Think about the purpose of the nucleus - to retain genetic information, which is used to produce proteins to replace worn out enzymes or similar. A red blood cell can therefore not regenerate itself when damaged, whereas a brain cell can (to an extent - too much damage and even the brain cell will be destroyed). The average lifespan of a red blood cell is 100 days. The average brain cell is with you all your life.The nucleus is the 'brain' of the cell. It tells the cell what to do.

What does blood Carrie to the brain and all parts of the body?


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