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Before blood returns to the left atrium, it is collecting oxygen from the lungs. While in the lungs it is releasing carbon dioxide to be exhaled.

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Q: What happens to the blood before it returns to the left artuims of the heart?
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What happens to the blood before it returns to the left atrium of the heart?

Blood becomes oxygenated in the lungs, then the oxygenated blood goes to the heart via the pulmonary veins and enters the left atrium

What happens to the purified blood after it is filterd?

It returns to the circulatory system

What happens to blood before it returns to the heart?

Before it goes back to your heart is gives oxygen to your skin and organs to keep them running. If they don't get oxygen they can stop working.

What happens after blood returns to the lungs?

it carrys on the same cycle over and over again hope dis helps

What happens to lymph after it travels through the system?

It returns the fluid to the blood stream. It's a cycle.

Does the blood from the head flow to the lungs first before flowing to the heart?

No. Blood from the head returns to the right side of the heart and is then pumped ino the lungs. The blood from the head returns to the heart and is then sent to the lungs. If it went to the lungs before returning to the heart, that would be wasteful becase then it would have gone through the lungs twice before going to where it was needed.

The blood vessel that returns oxygenated blood from the placenta to the fetus is the?

The aortaDuring pregnancy, what happens to the oxygenated blood returned from the placenta via the umbilical vein? A.It flows into the inferior vena cava.

What happens after your right vertical pumps oxygen-poor blood from the heart?

it goes to the lungs and get oxygenated then returns to the heart to be pumped to the body

After exercise how long before your blood pressure returns to normal?

After exercise, blood pressure returns to your normal resting rate after 10 minutes or more. A significant drop in blood pressure after stopping exercising may indicate that you have an underlying heart condition.

Which type of blood vessel drains blood from tissues and returns it to the heart?

Veins are the type of blood vessel that drains blood from tissues and returns it to the heart.

What is the black stuff that comes out of the Penguin's mouth before he dies in Batman Returns?

its weird but its blood i don't know how but it is

What color is blood when it returns to the heart?

Blood is bright red when it returns to the heart from the lungs. It is darker red when it returns to the right atrium from the systemic circulation.