What happens to food waste?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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All materials not fully absorbed into the body within the digestive system is moved into down the large and small intestines and then excreted in a typically solid state through the anus, creating dung.

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they go to the trash

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Q: What happens to food waste?
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What happens in the vacuole of a cell?

It stores food, water, and waste. ;)(;

What happens to food?

After you eat food, it gets digested and then is removed as waste while using the restroom. :) Hope this helped:)

What happens to food when it passes through the colon?

When food passes through the colon, water is absorbed to transform the food waste into feces.

What happens yo food in the stomach?

It is broken into small pieces of food and digested by the digestive juices.

11.What happens to waste food in the large intestine?

It normally transported to the rectum.because are toxic to the human body

What happens to waste food that cannot be used by the body?

It either gets barfed back up or goes into the toilet

What happens to food that is not digested?

It turns into waste and exits throught the rectum

What happens after the food gets broken down by the pepsin in your stomach?

food passes into the intestines where nutrients are sorted out and then absorbed and waste continues to be pushed through the digestive system

What happens to food waste and leaves in a compost bin?

Breakdown by decomposition-oriented micro-organisms is what happens to food waste and leaves in a compost bin. The above-mentioned consequence nevertheless requires attention to proper materials and procedures. For example, food wastes containing dairy products or greases or oils and leaves which are contaminated or diseased will not respond to even the most correct composting methods.

What happens to the food that you eat when it gets your stomach?

When the food you eat gets to your stomach itdissolves in your stomach acid. Your body absorbs the nutrients and other important things, then it comes out as waste.

What stores food water and waste materials?

The Vacuole stores food water and waste.

What stores water and waste and food?

Vacules store water, food and waste products.