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Q: What happens to a person without any goal?
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Is changing a goal a negative thing?

No, goal changing is a neccesity to any surviving person.

Has Lionel Messi scored any goal in World Cup 2010?

No, he left without a single goal.

Who is a oppurtunist?

A person who takes advantage if any opportunity to achieve a goal.

What happens without a will?

When a person who owns any property dies intestate, without leaving a will, the property passes to the next of kin according to the state laws of intestacy. You can check out the laws in your state at the link below.

How can I make salary of any one person?

By having a goal and aiming past your target.

What is the weakne of a person?

I think loosing the temper in bad situation by any person is the weakness of that person. He should not lose his temper and should not get angry in any situation. If any person does his work with calm and peace than he can achieve his goal.

What impact do goals have on behavior?

Goals have a massive impact on a person or animal's behavior. When someone has a goal they are determined to meet that goal by any means necessary.

What happens when a person can not make any of their own decisions?

Then that person shouldn't do anything at all!

What is a person called without any experience?

A person without any experience is often referred to as a novice, beginner, or someone who is inexperienced.

Why do you get a bonor?

A person gets a boner (erection) when they see something like a nude magazine or something that is sexy. Also, sometimes it happens spontaneously - without any apparent reason.

What happens when money is left in a estate and that person is deceased?

The person would have to be deceased in order for the estate to be distributed. If the person left a Will then the terms of such would apply after any debts and taxes have been paid. If the person died intestate (without a will) the state probate succession laws apply.

What is one kind of goal that parties may have?

answer it your self really it was the cant force a person to do any thing