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Sounds to me like you should probably talk to your doctor about starting dialysis. Your kidneys filter your blood, and once they stop working you will die. So I'd advise you get to the doctor right away and address this issue with a physician.

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Q: What happens if your kidney is only working at 13 percent?
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What One Direction guy has only one working kidney?


Does Liam Payne only have one liver or kidney?

He used to only have 1 kidney that worked but hes had an ultrasound and they are both working now.

What happens when am told that have only 50 percent of kidney function?

That's a definite indication that you must immediately schedule an appointment with a competent nephrologist to obtain a complete explanation of all of your options.

How severe is it if your kidney functions only 10 percent TO 15 percent?

i think u need to talk to a doctor and not asking advice on the internet

If you only have one kidney can you take water pills and be okay?

If you only have one kidney, you should only take water pills under the care of your doctor. Your kidney function will need to be tested to make sure that your kidney is working at a strong enough level to be able to handle the diuretic. The doctor will be able to choose the right type for you.

What can you do if your heart is only working at 30 percent?

Go to the hospital

What happens in a partial nephrectomy?

In partial nephrectomy, only the diseased or infected portion of the kidney is removed

Why did Liam Payne had to have 32 injecions to live?

He was born with 1 kidney and his liver was only partially working

How many kindneys does Liam Payne have?

It has been known that he only has one working kidney. But recently, he had an ultrasound preformed... It turns out his second one started working!!!

Can someone recover from a heart attack with only 10 percent of their heart working?


When you multiply fraction do you cross multiply?

No you only cross multiply when your working with percent

What is the percentage of pancreas transplants that are successful?

Pancreas transplants are often done with a kidney transplant, this is called an SPK (Simultaneous Pancreas Kidney) transplant and generally yields higher success than when the pancreas is transplanted alone. Nationally, the one-year success rate of combined pancreas/kidney transplants is 76 percent, but only about 50 percent of the pancreases transplanted without a kidney are still functioning after one year.