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It gets clean, The natural oils are stripped away and it tends to become "dry".

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Q: What happens if you use liquid body soap on your hair?
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Is it ok to wash your hair with body wash?

Soap is soap.

What happens if you put soap in your hair?

It gets Cleaned.

What is shampoo?

It is when you rubb shampoo into your hair and wash it.

Does liquid body soap stain wash clothes?

no,it doesn't

In the language Hindi what does shampoo mean?

In the Hindi, Shampoo mean "Jhagdar Sabun"(a liquid soap). which containing soap for washing the hair.Its kind of liquid soap,which clean the hair and make it Taine and silky.Dr. Sanjay Singh Baghel

What soap cleans better paste soap or liquid soap?

Both paste soap and liquid soap can effectively clean, but liquid soap is generally easier to use and rinse off. Liquid soap also tends to lather more easily, making it a popular choice for handwashing and general cleaning. Ultimately, the effectiveness of cleaning depends on the specific formulation and ingredients of the soap, rather than its physical form.

Which is more hygienic to use liquid soap or soap bars?

liquid soap. by using bar soap u spread germs from one persons body to yours...its also unclean to share foo foo's for the same reason..... so even though you may think that its fine to by bar soap because its soap and it will be clean think again and by liquid soap!

Erection in shower?

Happens a lot. Just take that liquid soap and go to town.

Why should you use shampoo and not soap for cleaning hair?

Because soap has a special product for our hands and body called antibacteria and you don't want to put that in your hair do you?

What are eight example of liquid products sold by volume?

Water,gasoline,wax,mouthwash,shampoo,perfume,liquid soap,hair gel

How do you get plasticine out of your child's long hair?

Saturate with olive oil, comb out, wash with liquid dish soap.

Can hair dryers pop bubbles?

Yes. Warm air hair dryers tend to pop soap bubbles by drying them out. The bubble is a thin layer of liquid held together by surface tension, and soap keeps the liquid suspended longer than ordinary bubbles in water.