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Symptoms can vary in each person. You may become very faint, confused, heart starts beating really fast, headaches, vomiting and your body may start shaking a lot and so on. It also depends on how many, obviously the more you take the worse your symptoms will be.

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I would start making a will right now cos that much co-codamol in one day will defintely kill you!

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I died . Was on life support for 5 days . Also swallowed a bottle of 30 ambien. But it was prays from my church family . And the grace of God I'm alive . Been sober since April 3 2011.

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chidalu ezenwanne-ok...

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you faint

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Q: What happens if you took 50 co-codamol tablets in a day?
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What happens if you took 50 co codamol tablets in a day?

Call poison control and see a doctor ASAP

What would happen if you took 200 mcg of levothyroxine for 1 day?

There will be no problem if you accidentally took two such tablets. It takes about three weeks normally to get the full effect of medication normally.

Can you take cocodamol and Ibuprofen together?

Yes you can take cocodamol and ibuprofen together, You should take the cocodamol in between taking the ibuprofen at four to six hour intervals. The ibuprofen is prescribed for arthritus as it is an anti inflamatory and the cocodamol is a pain killer.

What will happen to my monthly cycle as i took two tablets on the same day by mistake?

Its ok and don't worry. Continue taking your pills as normal. Your period may arrive a day later than usual for you.

What does Atarax 10mg tablets 120 sig 1-2 tid prn prurits mean?

This is a prescription meaning that you have a prescription for 120 tablets of Atarax 10 mg (hydroxyzine 10 mg) that should be took as 1 or 2 tablets 3 times a day (every 6-8 hours) if needed (if itching)

Can doxycycline tablets be split?

My dog is on 50mg of doxycycine twice a day is it okay to split the 100mg tablets and give him half twice a day

Are brewer's yeast tablets as effective as the powder?

I would say no, the recommended dosage for the powder is 2 tablespoons a day, where as the tablets are taken as 6 tablets a day, you would have to take about 30 odd tablets to equal the same amount in powder, as well the tablets only have small amounts of b vitamins in them, plus they have fillers etc which are not good.

A patient was instructed to take of a tablet before breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 days How many scored tablets should the patient expect to receive?

The patient should receive 15 scored tablets because the patient will take 1½ tablets per day or ½ a tablet * 3 = 1½ tablets per day. Since the patient is taking 1½ tablets per day, you would multiply the 1½ * 10=15.

When prescription says 2 tablets a day is that all at once or 12 hour interval?

Double check with the prescriber of the tablets, but it is normally worded. two tablets a day or one tablet twice daily I:E every 12 Hours

How many tablets of sibytram per day should i take?

1 per day

How many tablets of sporidex 375 should you take in a day?

Twice per day

What happens if you have too much medicine?

You can die if you overdose the tablets usually say take this much per day so careful and don't try it