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It is not recommended, because until you are 18 your parents get to make all medical decisions for you.

What you need to know about male enhancements is that in order to keep the length or gerth you get from them you have to keep taking them. If you stop you loose the length and gerth and in some cases end up smaller than you when you began.

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The main thing that happens is that he will waste his money. None of those pills work, they are a scam.

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Q: What happens if you take extenze before you're 18?
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What happens if you do take extenze under 18?

Bad chit will happen to you

Can you take extenze before sex?

You can take it anytime, but you are wasting your money. It isn't going to do anything for you.

What happens if you take extenze and Xanax?

i have took extenze and enzyte and Ritalin and xanax and percicet... what happens idk what happened, nothing. at least not for th enzyte and extenze but i think they increase blood circulation. ooo hmmm maybe i try now. wait i think the penis pills and a chemical that builds up after aperiod of time so no jollies. but i did notice my penis was more relentless in battle.

Can teens take extenze?

Teens should not take Extenze at all. It is a herbal nutritional supplement that claims to promote natural male enhancement.

Can you take extenze and cialis together?

Yes. Done it plenty of times. Best way to do it is by taking one extenze about 30 mins to 1 hour before your first ex pill. Then another extenze about an hour after. That's just my method when taking ex with my lady. Hope I could help.

Can you take extenze twice in a day?

Yes you can

Can you take extenze with antibiotics?

Since Extenze is a useless, harmless placebo, you can mix it with anything you want, and nothing bad will happen.

Can you take extenze when on Adderall?

Yes, absolutely. I took two extenze while on double my daily adderal amount. No problems.

Could little kids take extenze?

Ask your doctor

If you are seventeen and you take ExtenZe pills what will happen?

Very little growth, but monthly shrinkage to your wallet. Buyer beware and always check with your doctor before trying supplements.

How long will it take to get a inch on your penis when taking extenze pill?

forever, non of these pills and potions work

What time should you take extenze?

Use it when your getting an erection that's the best way of seeing results.