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Your arteries will expand and you may get a headache

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I mistakenly swallowed a nitrogen how long can I put if under my tongue after swallowing it

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Q: What happens if you swallow nitroglycerin tablet?
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What happens if a child swallow a cat worming tablet?

There are a number of things that could happen if your child swallows a cat worming tablet. Most likely they'll just get sick to their stomach.

What route is nitroglycerin administered?

The route of administration of Nitrostat is sublingual

How do you tranquilize a person?

put a tranquilizer tablet under your tongue (don't swallow!) then kiss the person and spit the tablet in their mouth, they will swallow it without even knowing they did

How do you take a tablet?

put it in your mouth swallow with water

Is your medical nitroglycerin tablet explosive if struck by a hammer?

Nitroglycerin tablets and sprays prescribed as heart medication contain tiny amounts of nitroglycerin diluted by inert matter and are completely nonexplosive.

How do you take nitroglycerin tab sublingual?

Place one nitroglycerin tablet under your tongue. Allow it to dissolve completely without swallowing. Do not eat or drink until the tablet has dissolved. If chest pain persists after taking one tablet, seek immediate medical attention.

Why should you avoid handling nitroglycerin pills with bare hands?

Many people are surprised to learn that the nitroglycerin in the tablets is the same chemical compound as the nitroglycerin that is used as an explosive. The chemical compound is very volatile, which means that it is difficult to contain in tablet form. By handling the tablets, the nitroglycerin may be absorbed through the skin from the tablet. Briefly touching the tablets should not be a concern, but they should not be handled excessively. Also, make sure nitroglycerin tablets are stored in a cool, dry place - not the car or the bathroom cabinet. Discard the bottle 6 months after it is first opened, as the tablets may lose their effectiveness.

What are the routes of administration for nitroglycerin?

Nitroglycerin can be administered sublingually (under the tongue), orally (tablet or capsule), topically (cream or ointment), or via intravenous infusion. Each route has different rates of absorption and onset of action.

What useful for nitroglycerin?

Nitroglycerin is primarily used to treat chest pain (angina) by dilating blood vessels to reduce the workload of the heart. It can also be used in emergency situations to relieve chest pain during a heart attack. Additionally, nitroglycerin can be administered as a spray, tablet, or patch for quick and effective results.

Can you chew celexa?

no. just swallow it whole with something to drink.

What happen when you crush a sustained release tablet?

what happens if you crush a tablet

Can you reverse provocable myocardial ischemia?

Yes. You give rest to the patient. Put nitroglycerin tablet sublingually, and give 100% oxygen to patient. He should recover.