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Q: What happens if you swallow diluted janola?
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What happens when you swallow an acid what happens to your stomach acid?

it is diluted Edited: It is NOT diluted. It is neutralized.

Can Janola be used as a bath disinfectant?

No, Janola is a bleach-based household cleaner and disinfectant typically used for cleaning surfaces like counters, floors, and toilets. It is not recommended for use in bathwater as it can be harsh on skin and irritating if not properly diluted. For bathing purposes, it's best to use products specifically designed for that use.

Is janola safe to drink?

No it is not.

What are the ingredients of janola?

The ingredients of janola are... Sodium Hypochlorite-NaOCL Chlorine-CL Sodium Hydroxide-NaOH and that is all.

What is the pH of janola?

Janola is a brand of household bleach, typically containing sodium hypochlorite. The pH of janola can vary depending on the concentration of sodium hypochlorite, but it is usually around 11-13, making it alkaline.

Is janola an acid or base?

Janola is a brand of household cleaning products that contains bleach, making it an alkaline solution.

What is janola used for?

Janola is the brand name of a liquid bleach that is used for clothing. Canola is an oil typically used to fry food in.

How much janola per liter of water to kill parisites?

To use Janola to kill parasites in water, one typically uses 1 part Janola to 10 parts water. This translates to approximately 100 mL of Janola per liter of water. Make sure to follow the product's instructions for safe and effective use.

Can Janola be used in a food preparation area?

YES no

What happens if you swallow dried super glue?

Nothing happens

What happens if you swallow Clorox?

you die

What happens if you swallow Ajax?

you die...