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If you do that then your tongue bleeds alot, i acidentally did it yesterday whn it was really hot and i licked an ice cube, my tongue still hurts :(

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Q: What happens if you stick your tongue on ice and rip it off?
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When you stick your tongue on a frozen piece of a metal pole what happens after u pull it off?

When you stick your tongue on a frozen metal pole, the moisture on your tongue can freeze and bond to the metal. When you pull your tongue off, you may leave behind a layer of skin or tissue on the pole, which can be painful and may result in injury. It's important to seek help to safely remove your tongue and prevent further damage.

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Why does your tongue get stuck to a pole if it is snowing?

The ice quickly freezes the water on your tongue, which makes your tongue stick to the sticks to it because your tonge is hot and the ice is cold :)BECAUSE, the coldyness of the ice freezes the water on your tongue so they freeze together! I don't know if that's right or if i just made that up :D

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