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Your butt gets sore. Kinda thought that one would be a no-brainer.

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Q: What happens if you sit down too long?
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Is it harmful to sit in a car not running outside?

No. Weather may determine how long you sit there. It can get too cold or too hot.

You can get sunburn if?

if u sit in the sun too long

What do Eskimoes get when they sit on ice too long?

Polaroids :)

What will happen if you sit too long?

You mean, REALLY long, like if you sit for like, 3 weeks or so? You get bedsores (or pressure ulcers) on your butt. They are basically large wounds, and very difficult to heal. It happens when patients in hospitals lie on beds for too long, though nurses will normally come to turn them over and make them walk or sit for at least a short period of time to remove the pressure from their backs (if possible).

How long will a boxer dog sit on a intruder?

As long until it's too tired. As long until it's too tired.

Do astroaunts really have asteroids?

Only if they have to sit too long.

Why do people sit down to use the bathroom?

Because they found it was too uncomfortable to stand and messy too!

What bone is referred to as the sitting bone?

Ischium i would like to know what i can do or what kind of Dr. i can go see about this pain is the bone u sit on .. it hurts if i sit too long ,walk too far,or even standing too long

What happens if you sit around too much?

Habitual physical inactivity can lead to poor muscle tone and obesity.

What happens if bread raises too long?


Is it normal for your Betta to sleep long?

ye sit is very normal mine does that too:)

How can I go down lower on my sit spins?

Just bend your knees down lower, but don't lean too far forward or backward! Practice going down into a sit spin when you are off the ice, or even go by the boards!