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you poo yourself

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Q: What happens if you punch someone in there armpit?
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Can you break someone's jaw with one punch?

Certainly. It takes force but it happens quite often.

What happens when you punch someone in the chin?

When a person is hit hard on the chin (button) it causes their brain to rattel which knocks them out.

What to do if someone wants to fight you but you don't want to?

if this happens more then once u attack him because then he will just keep on bullying u so when he asks u to fight say ya then punch punch punch

How do you knock someone older than you out in 1 punch?

You knock someone out in one punch if you punch them with your knuckles in the side of the chin hard.

What happens if you punch someone in their Adams apple?

It is dangerous to punch the Adams Apple and it can damage the throat and voice box.

What is a soccer punch?

A sucker punch is when you punch someone who is unprepared and unaware that it's coming.

What is a good comeback to ill punch you so hard you will have to drop your pants to eat your food?

ill rip your kidney out through your armpit

What happens if you punch someone in there duodenum?

Its possible, but very unlikely unless you can have extremely precise contact onto part of their small intestine

Where do you punch someone when you punch them square in the face?

Square in the face :[

Can you punch or strike someone in Black Ops?

You cant punch but you can stab with the knife.

How do you have armpit sex?

I don't think that armpit sex is an actual thing...but my guess would be that you would either... 1) Rub your armpits together so that they hump eachother 2) Stick your penis or vagina into someone's armpit

What happens in small steps the book?

Armpit is X-rays freind from camp green lake