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You will die. One cannot live on peas alone!

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Q: What happens if you only eat green peas?
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What is most proteinous veg nutrient we have to eat?

One of the vegetables that have the most protein that we eat is green peas.

How do you eat red spinech?

The best way to eat red spinach is with yellow rice and green peas.

Do peas have ascorbic acid?

Raw Peas: When the measurement of 40.0mg serves as 67%of the daily nurtitional value of vitamin c. Yes, peas do have vitamin c, you can have your raw green peas and eat them too!.

Can baby goldfish eat peas?

Green peas are rich in fiber which is good for goldfish. The only thing is, with canned peas, I would be sure to rinse them thoroughly in water. The goldfish do not need the preservatives and salt that might be included in the canning process,

What are the Side effects of green peas?

nothing much. they are full of nutrients. and don't think much on the side effects, eat peas and be healthy.

What happens if we eat pea?

Pea is a vegetable. It is quite nutritious and a good source of protein. Many people do eat peas.

What green vegetable do hamsters eat?

Hamsters can eat lettuce, broccoli and peas. That's all I can think of and that's what I feed my hamster.

What table foods can Yorkie's eat?

They can eat peas, green string beans, rice, skinless chicken, carrots, watermelon and carrots

Can pug puppies eat green peas?

Yes. Green peas are not poisonous to dogs but you should be careful about giving "people" food to dogs, they may have trouble digesting certain foods and some are poisonous to dogs.

What animals eat peas?

Iguanas eat peas as a diet.

Why do you eat peas?

The reason why you eat pea's is because they are green and have nutrisious vitamins that go in your body everytime you eat one. They are very healthy and some people may not like them but they are missing out on health! lol

Can woms eat dried peas?

no worms eat dirt there moth is made very small so they can only eat dirt