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That is not good..... Unless your born with out some of them...the brain constantly needs to absorb information, and if you suddenly lose all your senses, your brain has nothing to absorb and will flip. As little as 15 minutes you might start to hear voices, see objects, smell random aromas etc. It is pure torture for yourself and the brain.

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you're limbless..

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Q: What happens if you lose all of your senses?
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Can you lose all five senses?

In theory, yes.

Is the sense ot touch the most important of the 5 senses?

sight Consider this : If you had a choice of which four senses you would lose, or which sense would you not wish to lose most of all, the answer becomes clear.

What happens when you lose one of your senses?

You are no longer able to use the sense you lost. i.e sight, smell, taste, hearing ect.

If you lose a sense will your other senses become stronger?

They may, but they don't always. if it does happen, it is usually just one of the other senses which strengthens. A lot depends on the age at which this happens, and how the person is affected by the loss.

What happens lose you lose strength all of a sudden?

When you lose your strength all of a sudden, you collapse and suffer some dizziness.

What happens if the pancreatic duct are ligated?

Your pancreas will become inflamed, which in all senses is not good for your body.

What happens to pensions when an LLC is dissolved?

you lose it all

If you lose your eyesight and heighten other senses do you keep the heightened senses if you regain your eyesight?

You will lose that heightened response in due course of time. This is the normal course of action. There can be exceptions to this.

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Is it trua that when you lose one of your senses the other become better?

yes, it is true when you lose one of your sense the others become stronger. if you dont mind i will explain it. you see all of you senses shared energy and all five senses have to split up the energy evenly. if one of the senses is unable to work like if you are blind or death the energy from the sense that is dead is passed on to the next sense. here is an example: if all your energy is 100 and you have 5 senses that mean each sense get 20 but if one of the sense dies it passes on its 20 to the next sense. i really hope that you like my answer.

Which of the five senses are you most likely to lose if hit by lightning?


When was All of My Senses created?

All of My Senses was created in 1990-05.