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Well, it really depends on the scenario of the kiss. If you kissed her because you liked her, you should probably have told her it was wrong for you to have done that and that you will not do that again.

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Q: What happens if you kiss a girl that has a boyfriend?
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What should a girl do when her boyfriend asks for a kiss?

give him a kiss

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you we talk about it but after you both agree to it nothing happens?

If you really want your boyfriend to kiss you then you shouldent wait for him to kiss you. You should kiss him!

What does it mean If a girl kiss you but your not her boyfriend?

that she likes you

Will a girl hug you or kiss you if she has a boyfriend?

It just depends on the type of girl she is

What does a girl do when boyfriend want to make out?

you kiss him if you want to

What don't you do if a girl is flirting with your boyfriend?

Call were boyfriend and say look she is flirting with you at the end kiss were boyfriend.

What happens when a girl is really atracted to her boyfriend?

A girl should be attracted to her boyfriend. Nothing 'happens' except that they love each other.

How do you kiss her if she is straight and has a boyfriend?

If your a girl, just kiss her on her cheek as a friend, but if your a guy just do it and ask her not to tell

What happens if you kiss the same girl a lot of times?

Nothing will happen if you kiss the same girl a lot of times.

What is the best Christmas presents for a girl?

jewelry!!!! or, if ur the boyfriend, a passionate kiss!!!

You saw your boyfriend kiss another girl and it made you heartbroken should you let him go?

no you should kiss another man

Can a girl have a kiss with friend whose is suppose not a boyfriend just he is good friend of her?

Kiss who you like it's a free world.