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she'll think you are stalking her

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Q: What happens if you keep calling the girl on the phone all the time?
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Is your boyfriend cheating when he doesnt answer his phone while around another girl?

Sometimes Yeah Cause Don't Want You To Know That He's Around One Or He Just Don't Answer The Phone At All...And If Keep Calling And He Don't Answer Then That's When You Start Thinking...And If A Girl Answer Then Do what You Have To Do!

What phone number do you use to keep people from calling back?


Why do celebrties keep there phone numbers locked?

because if they didn't, if someone leaked there phone number everyone would trying calling them

How do you make some one answer the phone?

all you got to do is keep calling leaving messages eventually they will answer

What happens when a contract phone finishes its contract?

It Just Finishes and that's it. But You still can keep the phone. The sim has nothing on it.

How do you stop collections calling you for an ex employee They keep calling and the employee hasn't worked here in over a year. It is very disruptive and aggravating?

Answer the phone and simply tell them that you're no longer with said ex, and to stop calling you or contacting you.

A girl gave me her cellphone number and I think she likes me but she doesn't return my calls What should I do?

This is a delicate situation. You do not want to keep calling her, because, if you keep calling, and shes just not into you, she may get the "creepy stalker" vibe. The max. amount of voicemails to be left is 3 (says the invisible boy to girl code book). If shes not into you, she wont call. If she is, she will call. Maybe shes just really busy, but dont keep calling/texting.

what is the do not call number?

it is a 1-800 number that you can use to put in a phone number to keep people from calling you for a certain period of time.

Why does he keep turning his phone off?

Maybe someone keeps calling and he doesn't want to talk or he just needs a day to himself

What happens if you lose your love?

Keep going for your love. Even if its a girl or a boy, keep going.... Make her or him like you.

Are cell phones fun or not fun?

it depends what type of cellphone you get, if you get a smart phone you can download games and apps to keep you busy. But if you get a phone strictly for texting/calling then that is all you'll be able to do.

Can you change the phone number on your phone?

call your phone providor. I'm sure they will try to change your number. Say that you get too many sales calls. or random numbers keep calling you and it affects your job. This usually works :)