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lung disease

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Q: What happens if you inhale possum feces and urine for a long period of time say 4 to 6 weeks?
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What happens when you eat feces?


What happens to food materials that cannot be digested?

It is expelled as 'stool'. Stool is also known as feces.

What happens to worn out red blood cells?

They get out of your body by your feces

What happens to the food when it passes through the rectum?

It will come out of the anus as feces.

What happens if you don't clean the litter box?

Cat feces will accumulate.

Can you have feces come out your mouth?

No. Something is really wrong if that happens.

Why does feces have yellow capsule shaped matter in it?

if that happens then its corn. eat it

What effect does possum urine and feces have on a person with an autoimmune disorder?

While a Autoimmune disorder can cause problems for a person and the combination of possum urine and feces sounds like a reasonably foul concoction it should not prove to be more of a problem then under any other circumstance. The biggest problem for people with autoimmune diseases is the treatment they are undergoing for it, as these often lead to a lowering of resistance to disease. However these people are in more danger from their fellow humans that are prone to carry the diseases that humans carry.

Can you die from feces?

No. Not unless you ate something poisonous and then ate your feces, but if it was a poison that would make you die... You would be dead before you could eat your crap. It also depends what happens between you and the feces. If you shove a bunch of it in your mouth, then yeah, you'll die. But if you just touch it or eat it, then no, you cannot die from feces. But if it is something else's feces, then there is a slim chance.

What happens to food material that cannot digestion?

It is expelled as 'stool'. Stool is also known as feces.

Why is there mold on my cat's feces?

If there is mold on your cat's feces when you clean the litter box, you should try cleaning the box more frequently. This sometimes happens when the box is not cleaned often enough.

What happens when your colon becomes paralyzed?

Called paralytic ileus. Basically if you keep eating you will vomit feces.